New Laptops for RVS Elementary

New Laptops for RVS Elementary

Dear RVS Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 Families,

We are excited to announce we have new more powerful Laptops to replace your current Chromebooks. We will have a Chromebook check-in/Laptop check-out RVS event next week, March 15-17.  Please see linked flyer, showing the date and time slot for you to come to our district building (TLAC) next week. (Please bring your current Chromebook and charger.)

The TLAC building is located at 6972 Keene Road in West Richland. Because the building is new, Google Maps will not lead you to the correct location. See linked map for location.

During your designated day and time, we ask that you come to the back parking lot of TLAC, just like a regular RVS pick-up day.  We will have staff in that area who will check-in your student’s current Chromebook and charger, and then check-out your student’s new Laptop. 

After receiving your new device, you will be asked to park in the designated RVS parking spots (see linked Parking Lot PDF), which will be marked with cones and signage.  In the parking spot, you will be helped by staff to log onto the district network on the new device.  Since these are new devices, they will need to be connected to the network before they will be able to connect outside of network.  After you are connected, the replacement process is complete. Enjoy your new more powerful Laptop!

For families with students in multiple grade levels, you are free to bring both students during one of their designated time slots. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

We will make arrangements in June to return the devices at the end of the school year.

Monday March 15 (2-5pm): Grade 3

Tuesday March 16 (2-5pm): Grade 4

Wednesday March 17 (2-5pm): Grade 5


In Partnership,

Andre Hargunani