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Pacific Crest Online Academy fosters a caring community of online learners who support each other in accomplishing their individual learning plans. We deliver flexible, dynamic, and relevant virtual learning opportunities for every learner to receive high quality instruction in a student-centered environment.

Pacific Crest Online Academy (PCOA) is Richland School District’s fully online, teacher-directed, tuition-free public school. Students connect online to teachers, classmates, curriculum, and resources, while learning from home with the support of their parents.

PCOA serves students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We serve all levels of students, whether at grade-level, advanced, or struggling. Learning experiences are provided both asynchronously (through online reading assignments, activities, and videos) and synchronously (through live online classes, small groups, individual support sessions, and office hours). For High School courses, students earn 0.5 credit for each course. High School courses are NCAA approved and meet graduation requirements. We offer Honors and AP courses. 


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