Middle School

Home of the Yellow Jackets!

Pacific Crest's middle school teachers are excited to develop strong learners who are prepared to hone their skills in high school and beyond. New activities and engagement opportunities are abuzz for the 2021-22 school year.

What's It Like To Be A Yellow Jacket?

Energy and excitement abound in our hive, as teachers and students support each other in their learning and development. Schedules are flexible, though students are expected to attend daily House meetings and participate in course meetings once per week (individual accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis) 

Course Offerings

Our selection includes standard, honors, and support classes so all our students can be successful.


  • Math 6
  • Math 7
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry

Science  (Standard and Honors)

  • Comprehensive Science I
  • Comprehensive Science II
  • Comprehensive Science III


  • Coding Fundamentals

Health and Fitness

  • Fitness 6
  • Comprehensive PE 7
  • Comprehensive PE 8

Additional Electives

  • Business Keyboarding
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Learning Strategies


English Language Arts  (Standard and Honors)

  • Language Arts 6
  • Language Arts 7
  • Language Arts 8

Social Studies  (Standard and Honors)

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Washington State History
  • World History
  • U. S. History


  • Orientation to 2D Art
  • Visual Art I
  • Visual Art II

World Language

  • MS Beginning Spanish
  • MS Intermediate Spanish
  • HS Spanish I


yellow jacket

Yellow Jacket House Program

Our student Houses, each with a staff advisor, form the core of a Yellow Jacket's relationships and interactions at Pacific Crest. Daily House meetings will start each student's day with discussions around social-emotional learning, study skills, college and career readiness, community service or bonding.