Home Coach

What Is A Home Coach?

A Home Coach is any guardian (mother, father, grandparent, caretaker, etc…) who will be:

  • At home while the student is learning online
  • Helping the student as needed while the student is learning online. This includes (but is not limited to) :
    • Making sure the student logs into class on time Ensuring the student has the proper supplies for class and homework (Any necessary materials and supplies will be provided by PCOA.)
    • Helping the student stay on task
    • Communicating with the student’s teacher/s and principal
    • Developing a schedule for the student that fits your family

I work all day and cannot be home with my children while they are learning. Can Pacific Crest still work for us?

Some of our families have found Pacific Crest a great option for their child even when they are not their Home Coach. Several families put together what we call Learning Pods, often meeting at one house and have children log into class and complete their work while there. School staff can help reach out to families to gauge interest in Learning Pods. Also, older students may work at home without supervision.

Our family does not have a set schedule, but we are interested in Pacific Crest. Will the school work with us?

Absolutely! We do recommend keeping the following in mind: Pacific Crest teachers have high expectations that students are completing and turning in work daily. There are also high expectations that students participate in live classes as well as one-on-one meetings. If this can work with your changing schedule, we'd love to have you!

Home Coach Time

Home Coach Time Requirements

The time requirements of a Home Coach depend on the needs, personality, behavior, and grade level of individual students. 

Less Home Coach Time

  • Student works efficiently in an independent environment
  • Student can focus effectively in class as well as on daily tasks
  • Student does not need frequent prompting or intervention from Home Coach

More Home Coach Time

  • Student struggles to work efficiently in an independent environment
  • Student cannot focus effectively in class or on daily tasks and is easily distracted
  • Student needs frequent prompting or intervention from Home Coach