Enroll: Why Pacific Crest?


Flexible scheduling allows students to work at a pace that meets their unique circumstance.
Learners can move faster or slower each grading period based on ability level and time available.
Those with consistent interruptions to a regular school schedule find success with our Alternative Learning Experience:
  • Athletes spending multiple hours per day in the gym or on the field.
  • Students splitting time between parents in different cities.
  • Patients receiving intensive medical treatment at hospitals throughout the Northwest.


Washington certified teachers hold live online classes 2x per week in every credit area for graduation.
Excellent instruction delivered with kindness is our goal.
Significant variety of choice available as fully asynchronous courses:
  • 23 AP courses
  • 15 English (including Honors)
  • 7 World Languages (including ASL)
  • 20 Science (including Honors)
  • 12 Math (including Honors)
  • 18 Social Studies (including Honors)
  • 58 Assorted electives like Game Design, Health Science Careers, Entrepreneurship and more!


Our students are:
  • Athletes in need of flexible scheduling
  • Young people of all ages working through major health difficulties but continuing school with hope for a better future
  • Pre-Collegiates working to graduate with advanced courses.
  • Hands-on learners who want to spend time perfecting their trade while attending school.
  • Scholars interested in part-time Tri-Tech or Running Start programs.
  • Every-day kids working through anxiety and social pressures.
  • Juniors and Seniors interested in graduating early